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Local Information - Norway

Local Holidays

1 January New Year's Day
1 May May Day
17 May National Independence Day or Constitution Day1
24 December Christmas Eve (Half day from 12 noon)
25 December Christmas Day
26 December Boxing Day
31 December New Year's Eve (Half day from 12 noon)

The Constitution was signed at Eidsvold in 1814; Norway remained united with Sweden until 1905

Holidays with Changeable Dates




Palm Sunday 13 Apr 4 Apr
Holy Thursday 17 Apr 8 Apr
Good Friday 18 Apr 9 Apr
Easter 20 Apr 11 Apr
Easter Monday 21 Apr 12 Apr
Ascension 29 May 20 May
Whit Sunday (Pentecost) 8 Jun 30 May
Whit Monday 9 Jun 31 May

Many Norwegians take holidays during the week from Palm Sunday to Easter Monday, so it may be difficult to do business during that time.

Non-holiday Observances

2nd Sunday in February Mothers' Day1
21 February Birthday of King Harald V
8 May Liberation day (Liberation from Germany after WW2)
7 June Union Dissolution (Norway gains independence from Sweden, 1905)
24 June Midsummer Night
4 July Birthday of Queen Sonja
20 July Birthday of Crown Prince Haakon
29 July St. Olav's Day
22 September Birthday of Princess Martha Louise
2nd Sunday in November Fathers' Day

Moved from May because there are too many holidays in May!


Time Zones

GMT+1. The clock goes forward 1 hour at 1:00 on the last Sunday in March and back to normal time at 1:00 on the last Sunday in October.

The time zone data above is from the tz Database, an explanation of which can be found at Sources for Time Zone and Daylight Saving Time Data.

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Heartfelt thanks from Canada guys!

John & Luella Fisher

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flower fleur Blume flor blomma fiore blomster bloem
florist fleuriste Blumenhndler floricultori blomsterhandlare fioraio blomsterhandler bloemist
gift cadeau Geschenk regalo talang regalo gave geschenk

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