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Petals Affiliate Program

Earn Commission on Flower Sales its Easy

About Our Affiliate Program

Join the Petals Affiliate Program and start earning revenue from your web site.  With the Petals Affiliate Program you can earn a healthy commission on every sale your web site generates. 

Petals Affiliate Program can cater for your every need, from a basic click through link to allowing you to use our products directly on your site. 


  • NO sign up fees,
  • You deal Directly with Petals, there is no third party involved,
  • You will receive a healthy commission on every sale that is made through your site, one of the highest in floral affiliate programs,
  • We set up a payment plan that suits your way of trading,
  • You get an individual user number and password,
  • We offer same day delivery for our products which means more sales for you,
  • We offer 24/7 online shopping, so time zones don't matter,
  • We offer you an online messaging and order tracking service, so you can talk directly to us. No wasted money on phone calls,
  • Our online order tracking service means you can track all the orders coming from your site, 24/7.
  • We set up a ordering plan that suits your way of trading,

For more information on how you can receive a healthy commission by becoming a Petals Affiliate please click here

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Thanks for a fantastic same-day delivery to our daughter-in-law whose birthday we missed. A digital photograph was sent the same day, showing your beautiful bouquet of flowers. Great value. Great service. Please post this message where all involved can see it.

Heartfelt thanks from Canada guys!

John & Luella Fisher

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